Kelle Rhoads, American keyboardist & Classical Piano player. He is the brother of Randy Rhoads guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.Kelle Rhoads marshall promo

  • Kelle Rhoads talks about the great secrets to his solo albums.
  • The Titanic discussions and it’s history connected with music.
  • Kelle Rhoads album Titanic Overture & Portraits of Oblivion in details.
  • We talk about Randy Rhoads’ appearance on Radio Sequence song which makes it technically Randy Rhoads last record appearance in 2007. To say that it was not an Ozzy Osbourne album he last appeared on but a Kelle Rhoads album. The blues solo was recorded in 1978. This completes Randy Rhoads discography.
  • Randy Rhoads legacy and the reason it takes time to really immortalize someone as in saint hood. It takes years to achieve the proper way.
  • Kelle in the 1980’s with the band called “Rhoads”.
  • Kelle Rhoads talks about The band Emerald.
  • RHOADS 1986 release Into the future.
  • The album Nick Menza drummer for Megadeth was in.
  • Former bands Grand Theft, Street Kids, Brazilian band called Eternity.
  • Musonia School of Music history.
  • Violet Fox band.
  • Juliana Tarter new guitarist extraordinaire from San Jose, CA.
  • Kelle Rhoads plays a song live on the radio Frédéric Chopin Impromptu in Gb Major. This is from his studio.
  • Randy Rhoads Marshall Stack Issue.
  • Future of Randy Rhoads Equipment.
  • Kelle & Randy Rhoads Genealogy going back 150 years in history.
  • Quiet Riot’s “Back to the Coast” being a song written by Kelle & Randy Rhoads.

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Lois Tarter · February 15, 2011 at 2:03 am

jason i love this interview. i am going to try to post it on facebook for other people to listen to. have you posted the interview that you did with kelle at rhoadsfest? miss you so much. lois

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