Bernie Tormé Interview former Ozzy Osbourne and Gillan band guitarist. In this interview we talk about his Marshall’s and guitars and latest album.

Ozzy Osbourne and Bernie Torme live 1982

Bernie Tormé and Ozzy Osbourne live in 1982

In this interview…

We talk about the guitar tones and recording process for the album Flowers & Dirt.
Using a psychedelic type album cover the importance in it.
The stratocaster and Marshall Plexi sound.
Releasing a double album in today’s age.
How is the guitar collection throughout the years.
The Ozzy strat and the 1962 stratocaster that was used on all the Gillan material.
We talk about how loud it was on stage with Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne back in the day.
What type of musical family did Bernie Tormé come from.
Being known for replacing Randy Rhoads.

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Bernie Tormé Biography

Bernie Tormé is a rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, record label and recording studio owner.

Frustrated by a lack of commercial success, Tormé accepted the invitation of former Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan in 1979 to join his band Gillan, and it was as part of this band that Tormé is best known.

Over the next four years the group enjoyed three Top Ten UK albums (Mr. Universe, Glory Road and Future Shock), in addition to extensive worldwide tours of Europe, Japan, and the United States.

In 1981 Tormé walked out on Gillan, citing lack of money despite touring the world as his reason. He played as a live session man for Atomic Rooster and then Ozzy Osbourne as the immediate successor of the recently deceased original guitarist Randy Rhoads. Tormé was hired to play on makeup dates resulting from cancelled concerts after Rhoads’ death. After only 7 shows in 10 days, Tormé quit to concentrate on his own band Electric Gypsies and was replaced by Brad Gillis. It was widely reported in 1982 that severe performance anxiety lead to Tormé’s departure from Osbourne’s band, though this has apparently never been confirmed.

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