Kelle Rhoads exclusive interview filmed at Musonia School of Music in California.

Kelle Rhoads and Jason Saulnier

Kelle Rhoads and Jason Saulnier

  • We discuss Musonia School of Music it’s history and location.
  • Rhoads talks about the future of Musonia.
  • KelleĀ talks about his brother Randy Rhoads.
  • Violet Fox playing live in Musonia back in the day.
  • HeĀ speaks about the Randy Rhoads websites and Kelle tells where the Rhoads family stands.
  • The Rhoads discography.
  • We discuss RhoadsFest festival.
  • Kelle plays a master piece on the piano.
  • End of the interview features a song Kelle performed live on the radio Impromptu in Gb Major.

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