Mighty Sam McClain Interview | Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey)

Mighty Sam McClain, American Grammy nominated soul blues singer and songwriter. Interview September 19, 2012

Mighty Sam McClain Interview

1. Could you tell me about your latest album Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey) from the studios point of view?

Mighty Sam McClain

Mighty Sam McClain

There isn’t too much to tell here. I have recorded my last two CDs at CedarHouse sSound and Mastering in Sutton, NH. I have a great guy here, a good friend who knows my voice. Since I have been in control of my production I get the songs together, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, so that when we get into the studio we just have fun.

2. What were some of the influences in writing this album?

There were only a couple – Jesus and friends. They are songs that have in some way, we have all  experienced.

3. Would you say Social Media Online has changed the Music Industry for the good or the bad?

Well it certainly has changed its mind boggling for a senior such as myself. As with everything it has it’s good points and bad points. Life is always win/loose. I think that many more people can have a chance to hear me.

4. Will there be any tours?

Yes, finally I have a US agent (Road Warrior Agency) so you’ll be seeing allot more of us on the road. We have been doing the booking ourselves for too many years!

5. What’s your vision on the Internet as a way to releasing Music Online now days?

Man, I don’t have one! I’m just trying to adjust to the changes This new technology is so far removed from the business that I had been used to all I can do is stand by and watch. I have a good web man (Mike Letendre—Radiant Technologies) who help us out and tries to head us in the right direction, but keeping up with the appropriate Social Media sites and music sites is a full time job. In the long run it is good for the “little man”.

6. With all the bands coming out today. Do you keep updated with what comes out online at all?

No, I don’t. I stay as far away from the computer as possible. It keeps my level of frustration down.

7. What could we find interesting in your music collection at home?

I think you’d find pretty much what you’d expect. Those I grew up hearing and still grow old hearing.  Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Marvin Gaye, The Neville Brothers, Dr. John,Bonnie Raitt, Charles Neville, Aretha Franklin, my Norwegian friend, Knut Reiersrud, etc. What might surprise you are the works that I have done with the Iranian folk vocalist, Mahsa Vahdat, Both “Scent of Reunion – Love Duets Across Civilizations” and the new “Deeper Tone of Longing –  Love Duets Across Civilizations”. I am extremely proud and honoured to have been asked to participate in this music project that belongs in the world and is about the harmony that we create. These are at the top of the pile. I seldom listen to my own recordings except when I am working on  a project myself.

8. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life?

I think I’ pretty much like most folks. Since I’ve gotten older I don’t sleep as well as I used to , so I nap in the afternoon, I go out to lunch with friends. I have correspondence I tend to every day (with wife  at the computer). I do my own cooking. My wife is from NH and they eat different up here. If I want the Southern cooking I do it myself, but still have to watch my cholesterol!

9. How is the Music scene in your area today?

The music scene in NH is growing. Years ago you had to go to Boston to see major acts. Now there a few places in the state, that bring them in on the Seacoast, the mountains and biggest city, Manchester.  We don’t go out much. Both my wife and I aren’t in to lines or crowds. We like it much better from the “Green Rooms “ of the world.

10. Any words for future musicians?

Yes, make sure that this is really what you want in your heart and soul.  Remember that this is the Music Business and not a jam session. So learn as much as you can about it so you can make intelligent decisions and not emotional ones. It is a nasty business and it can eat you up and spit you out without shedding a tear. Stay true to the music and yourself and then you can enjoy the ride!

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