Laura B. Whitmore, singer songwriter. Laura B. Whitmore Interview September 9, 2012Laura B. Whitmore

Laura B. Whitmore Interview

1. What are some of your musical projects right now?  I just completed producing the Women’s Music Summit in New York last month and now I am working on the Summit for 2013, plus an event during the January 2013 NAMM show aimed at connecting women in the music industry. It’s been so amazing. I’ve also been writing a ton of new material and in the middle of recording a song with Joel Kosche of Collective Soul. It’s one of  my favorites that I’ve written called “Have a Little Faith.” Will share it soon!

2. How was your summer any cool tours? No tours but I did see some great shows. Highlights for me were Sheryl Crow, Collective Soul, and Matt Nathanson.

I co-produced Mass Appeal Guitars, a group jam in Union Square, NYC on June 21. It was the hottest day of the year. That was a blast. Hundreds of guitarists played together. I lead the song “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Then I had Alex Skolnick and his new group Planetary Coalition play a set. It was their world premiere! They closed off with a play along of “Smoke on the Water.” Too awesome for words!

In July I headed down to Nashville for Summer NAMM and gave a workshop on Marketing Essentials for Musicians and moderated a panel on Songwriting with some amazing Nashville Songwriters. It was standing room only! Later that month I went to Mexico to help celebrate the Fender Ensenada Factory’s 25th Anniversary. That was amazing and what a party!

Now that the Women’s Music Summit is concluded for this year I am focusing on CMJ, Winter NAMM and then SXSW! No rest!

3.  What are some current endorsements for Laura B. Whitmore? I use and love my Fender ’72 Pawnshop guitar and my 65amps London Pro. Awesome!!! Plus when I writing I usually turn to my Taylor 314CE which is just a sweet instrument. I have a little songwriting station setup with a laptop, Pro Tools and an Mbox that I use all the time, and it’s upstairs so I have a little Dean Markley practice amp there, so I don’t have to bring a heavy amp up and down the stairs. And right now I’ve been singing into an Audio Technica 4050 mic. Very velvety sound.Laura B. Whitmore live

4. What’s your take on the sex appeal in the music industry? Ha! I think we’re all humans. I’m all for using what you’ve got…within reason. Just actually have talent! But I don’t like to judge. What’s right for one person isn’t for another and I’m cool with that.

5. What are some of the best social media sites you use to promote yourself as a musician? I really like Reverbnation, Indabamusic and I’m on Facebook a million times a day. And Pinterest. But I also like to use the groups on Linked In….an underutilized resource I think. Plus I want to explore Instagram and Foursquare and a few others when I have a moment to breathe.

6. Do you practice your instrument every day to keep up with current styles and genres? No, I wish I did though. I kind of go in spurts. I’ll become really creative and write five songs in a row and practice like crazy, and then life will get in the way. But I see lasting progress and to me that’s what counts.

7. What would be the main influences for Laura B. Whitmore? Musically I was influenced at an early age by Carly Simon and Carole King and America. And as a teenager I listened to Bread every day for like two years. But today I love Shawn Colvin, Jonatha Brooks, and I’m really digging Carolyn Wonderland’s blues. And I just came across a young artist named Kaela Bratcher and I can’t get her song “Like Kings” out of my head. So that might influence me too!

8. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life? Most of my time is spent on my marketing and PR business, Mad Sun Marketing. I do projects for a variety of music industry clients including Dean Markley Strings, 65amps, Agile Partners (apps!), Notion Music,  SIR Studio Instrument Rentals, and more. Plus I write a column for Guitar World every week about women that play guitar, so I’ll do interviews or research for that. I usually don’t pick up my guitar until the late afternoon. Sometimes if it’s nice out I’ll bring my Taylor out to the deck and work out there. It’s very idyllic!

I generally do a scratch recording of new material in the recorder on my iPhone. I use that for little song idea snippets too. And then I’ll do a better bare boned recording on my computer so I can share it with others.

9. Any upcoming tour dates for Laura B. Whitmore? I’m not a big tourer. I play locally with my band The Summer Music project, but we’ve been kind of quiet the last couple of months. More gigs coming soon! I do have a very exciting new project in development that will be very visible. Can’t disclose anything just yet, but stay tuned!

10. Any advice for musicians that are starting in the music industry? You have to think of yourself and a small business, not just a musician. The days of being able to create art and someone else handles the nuts and bolts for you are over. So don’t be afraid to ask questions! Also, network and keep track of that network. I love Linked In for that. I like to talk to everybody. You never know what might come of it and who someone knows. And finally, and most importantly, be generous. When you help others, it comes back around. Be the kind of person that other people want to help and work with. It’s more fun that way!

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