Results of a comprehensive analysis of Canadian Billboard Charts archives of Pop and Rock artists. All intensive research was done using the RPM Magazine archives. We have here the result of years of work done by Jason Saulnier in the field of the billboard top 100 charts from Canada. In addition to the joy of doing the intense research and learning more about the bands’ and artists’ hit singles throughout the years, he is pleased to share the noteworthy research in the best way possible online. As a result of this work we will all be discovering the songs from Canadian radio that may or may have not been forgotten. Furthermore, this comprehensive fieldwork in archives offers a better searchable index on the internet as we know it. It offers an opportunity to discover and appreciate all genres of music and their contributions to what we call the evolution of music.

Most of the time we go to record stores and dig into the old dollar bins and accidentally find treasures in the form of vinyl’s, CD’s and cassettes. This method of treasure hunting has been used by every age group throughout the years. Coupled with the method of billboard research, we are bound to discover bands and artists we never would have known otherwise. More importantly, with this database of lost archives placed into searchable indexes, it will be preserved for future generations.

In conclusion, we should all be grateful that magazines like RPM and Billboard have kept their traditions and continuity strong with their collecting of data from the radio stations back in the day, to the methods used of today. A big salute has to be given to all the people that have always worked extra hard in this domain. Without these magazines we would not have these types of statistics to browse through and learn from.