Lydia Loveless, Country, Rock, Folk guitarist and vocalist. Interview September 27, 2012Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless Interview

1. What are some of your musical projects right now? I’m working on songs for my 3rd album.

2. How was your summer any cool tours? I toured, for the second time this year, with my friend Scott H. Biram. That was all of June and it was really fun.

3. What’s your take on the sex appeal in the music industry? I’m assuming you mean the obsession with sex in the mainstream. I’d first of all have to say that as far as mainstream music goes, I care about very few musicians, but I have noticed a very disturbing trend on those singing contest shows where they take the biggest, fattest, most awkward guy, and they set everyone up to think he couldn’t possibly have any talent, and then he blows everyone away with his vocals, and we all act shocked about it. Then they ultimately give the winning prize to the skinniest woman with an inch of makeup on her face. I’m not sure why everyone seems to think your talent hinges on not having a double chin and man boobs but it doesn’t. There are a lot of people out there, some of them ugly, and many of them talented. So from that angle I guess what I think of the “sex appeal” in music is it’s got to stop. But I like sexy people too, and fashion is fun. I think we need to worry more about what sounds good, and not much does anymore because we’re so focused on nonsense.

4. What are some of the best social media sites you use to promote yourself as a musician? I guess Twitter and Facebook, and my personal blog. I think reverbnation is a good website, although it’s pretty confusing and I stopped using it a long time ago. It seems to be a good way to connect with the “industry” if you’re an unsigned band, though. I just don’t really like social media, except as a way to  keep in touch with friends, so I have to be nagged into keeping up with it, hahaha.

5. What would be some of your main influences? I guess I would say Richard Hell, Billy Idol, Loretta Lynn, Chris Isaak, James Wilsey, Kathleen Edwards, Elizabeth Cook, and Hank III.Lydia Loveless guitar

6. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life? It really depends on the day. Generally I get up and drink coffee and write and read, lately I have been drawing a lot too even though I’m horrible. Then I try to work out for at least 45 minutes, shower, and play guitar and write in my journal a lot. I might work on my french, go for a walk…  This is me on a very very well behaved day.

7. Any upcoming tour dates? Yes, pretty much most of October, and November.

8. Any advice for musicians that are starting in the music industry? Well first of all make sure the reason you’re doing it is because you absolutely want to. The days of being handed a million dollars and a pile of beautiful women are long gone, so you have to really enjoy yourself and keep your chin up and love playing music. Also, work hard, and probably get a manager. Contrary to some people’s belief there is not a man going ’round passing out record deals. Get in the van, y’know? And be nice and have fun!

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