– How is it going with Heather Whitney this summer?
The summer has been so hot but full of awesome opportunities and fun days. Can’t complain a bit.

– How was it recording your album Moving on?
Recording “moving on” was particularly hard because of everything I was going through. Id have to say over all I had a blast doing it though.

– How important is it to make good music videos and what’s your thoughts on the popularity of lyric videos?
I think its so important. I mean you think of movies and such and how the visual gives you so much understanding. How many times have you listened to a song and then went and watched the music video and been like whattttt? So that’s where they were going. lol

– Are you playing a lot of festivals and concerts this summer?
I unfortunately didn’t play many but the good thing is that I did have a few.

– What could we find interesting in your music collection?
Kevin gates and lil boosie would probably throw some folks for a loop.

– Where do you see country music going in 30 years from now?
Oh man I have no idea. I do however see lots of older fashion trends coming back so who knows. Maybe the 90’s will be the new 2050’s.