Interview with Bruce Kulick Guitarist for Hard Rock groups Kiss & Grand Funk Railroad.Bruce Kulick gibson

Bruce Kulick Interview

  • Bruce Kulick playing with Grand Funk Railroad.
  • Being active in the Kiss world.
  • Bruce participating in Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.
  • How has the rudiments in learning guitar changed through out the years.
  • IPad apps making things easier for learning music.
  • Playing import guitars. Effects and amplifiers in this exciting time of technology.
  • Gear wise what does Bruce Kulick bring to a Grand Funk Railroad gig.
  • Using Marshall 900 amps.
  • How is it traveling now in tours with bands. Big thumbs up to Air Canada in this interview.
  • The wonderful licks delivered in the 1980’s Kiss albums.
  • The Monster book not having no pictures from the non makeup era.
  • How Bruce got to sing I Walk Alone from Carnival Of Souls.
  • How he sees Facebook and Twitter.

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