Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dancehalls of the Lone Star State. Jeremy was always a fan of music, but it wasn’t until his later high school years that he discovered his knack for it. Driven by his passion, he taught himself to play the guitar and began to write and perform music.

Over the past decade, Jeremy has played all over the U.S. and in Europe, including numerous venues in Texas. Pulling from the example of Texas performance artists, Jeremy loves to interact with his audience. He captivates the crowd with his genuine personality, unique humor, and heart-felt love of his occupation.

Jeremy draws from his personal experiences to create songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful. His current single, “Burn This House Down,” paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance that still remains relatable. This song will stick with you long after your first listen. The song is currently in the IndieWorld Country Top 40. The video is nominated for a Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival award, an IMDB-sanctioned film festival.

– What’s new in the life of Jeremy Parsons?

I’ve put out a new record within the last year called “Things I Need To Say.” It’s got two singles out off of it so far called “Burn This House Down” and “Why Is The Bluebird Blue.” Both with music videos. I’m playing shows every weekend and I’m always writing new material.

– This summer are you playing a lot of shows?

I am playing tons of shows this summer. A lot of them are in Nashville but I get out of the city a couple times a month to play a little as well. So far it’s been an absolute blast.

– What’re your thoughts on music videos for 2018 and lyric videos?

I think music videos are great. My good friend, photographer, videographer and awesome artist in general, Pj Schenkel of Three Hat Media, and myself have the best time making music videos. It’s always great to have more content to share with people. It’s also always nice to have a new product you can be proud of.

– How many hours in a day do you spend playing music versus promoting your music?

If a day was split between these two I would say that I spend over 12 hours a day playing music. I should be better about promotion but I get wrapped up in my passion so much that I lose track of time a lot. Also, a lot of the hours spent on music are spent playing out and that is some of the best promotion.

– What could we find interesting in your music collection?

I think the thing you would find most interesting in my collection is rap music. I have a few Eminem records and some old Jay-z as well. I like all kinds of music, to be honest. I don’t like to put up walls around that kind of thing. I feel if it inspires you it is for you. I don’t ever want to close myself off to inspiration.

– Where do you see Americana music evolving in the future?

I feel like Americana Music is on the rise up still. I feel that it is the most honest genre out there right now and I feel that’s what people need to hear. I hope the audience just keeps growing and the honesty is heard and accepted.



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