Charlie Daniels black shirt and cowboy hat

Charlie Daniels Interview. In this interview we discuss the latest album tribute to Bob Dylan Doin’ It Dylan, the Halifax concert, Facebook page reaching over 2 million fans and Travis Tritt.

  • We talk about Off the Grid: Doin’ It Dylan album.
  • Daniels being a big Bob Dylan fan decided to do a album for his favorite songs.
  • The concept behind the album title.
  • Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt coming to Halifax, NS August 1, 2014.
  • Very compatible show for Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Recording the album and the details in the process.
  • We discuss the guitar collection that Charlie Daniels owns.
  • Choosing the right guitar for the right song.
  • Coming close to 2 million fans on Facebook.

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Exclusive Charlie Daniels Interview Halifax, NS

Charlie Daniels Band Halifax Forum PHOTOS




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