Interview with Lloyd Grant Former METALLICA guitarist

Lloyd Grant, Lead guitarist for Metallica‘s first single Hit The Lights on Metal Massacre in 1982.lloyd grant, kirk hammett, Ron McGovney at metallica concert live

In this interview…

  • Lloyd Grant talks about his latest musical projects in California.
  • Lloyd is currently working on a CD for future release.
  • He discusses the details in recording Metal Massacre with Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield.
  • 1979 Gibson Flying V for the lead solo on Hit The Lights on Metal Massacre.
  • The guitar tracks were done in Lloyd’s living room with a little baby amplifier.
  • Lloyd talks about rehearsing with the group before recording Hit The Lights.
  • The history of the early of the band.
  • He talks about playing with Lars Ulrich before the Metal Massacre session.

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