Kim Simmonds, Welsh guitarist and founder of Blues Rock Legends Savoy Brown.Kim Simmonds Savoy Brown

In this interview…

  • Kim Simmonds talks about Rock’n’Blues Fest 2012 Tour.
  • Playing with Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Leslie West and Rick Derringer.
  • Talking about the latest Savoy Brown album Voodoo Moon.
  • The internet age for musicians today.
  • How is the touring world for a rock musician in 2012 compared the past and nothing has changed.
  • How has the work ethetics of a guitarist changed through the decades.
  • Different artists in different eras instead of being musicians they could have been writers or painters.
  • Kim’s thoughts on foot pedals for guitarist.
  • How big is Kim’s guitar collection and interest.
  • Working on new solo album.
  • We talk about the great work on Looking In Savoy Brown’s album.
  • Playing with emotions and feelings.