Jason Newsted Interview: Former Metallica Bassist (December 2012)

Jason Newsted, American bassist for Platinum selling artist Metallica. Made part of other notable bands Voivod, Flotsam and Jetsam and Ozzy Osbourne.Jason Newsted video shoot

In this interview…

  • Jason Newsted talks about how great it is to be online now.
  • How the Facebook page grew very quickly since joining it.
  • The idea behind naming the band with his own name.
  • When you look at the name Newsted you get Metal.
  • We discuss the band’s logo and where it came from also it’s design.
  • Jason still having tons of energy, enthusiasm and becoming the song and the music.
  • It’s been 12 years since Newsted left Metallica.
  • Showcasing the latest Newsted album on ITunes.
  • Jason talks about the members of the band. Jesus Mendez Jr. on Drums, Jessie Farnsworth on Guitar.
  • Newsted foresees a 2013 summer tour.
  • We discuss where the album was recorded and the details into recording it.
  • We talk about mixing the album with Anthony Focx.
  • What type of amplifiers, guitars and basses were used.
  • The same bass rig used in Voivod and Metallica was used of on the Metal album.
  • Jason goes into details about the custom bass equipment used.
  • How shooting the latest promo video for Soldierhead came out.
  • How the world of IPad and Garageband has changed with guitar tones.
  • Jason Newsted’s poems and lyrics and how long he has been writing.
  • Where does Newsted see the evolution of popular music for the future.
  • The future of sub genres of music explained by Jason.
  • The secrets behind recording Metallica‘s Garage Days Re-Revisited in 1987.
  • Playing Cliff Burton’s bass and rig for the Garage Days session.
  • He remembers the early days of joining Metallica.
  • Being treated well in Metallica and being a big Cliff Burton fan before joining the band.
  • Seeing Cliff play live with Metallica live. Burton Being his hero.