Kelly Garni, bassist for Hard Rock group Quiet Riot.Quiet Riot Kelly Garni era

Kelly Garni Interview

  • Kelly talks about a new band with Kelly Rhoads.
  • Documentary from the middle east. Interviews with veterans done with Kelly Garni.
  • Heavy Metal in Bagdad.
  • Kelly ‘s Quiet Riot days limited DVD issue.
  • Randy Rhoads collectibles how rare it is to get.
  • The Randy Rhoads documentary.
  • Unreleased Randy Rhoads Bootlegs and Kim McNair with the band Wink.
  • Kelly speaks about the early days in Quiet Riot.
  • Ozzy Osbourne Live with Randy Rhoads.
  • Unreleased Randy Rhoads concerts on audio.
  • Why Quiet Riot never played in Japan