John Sinclair, keyboardist for Ozzy Osbourne, Uriah Heep, The Cult & Spinal Tap.Uriah Heep John Sinclair era

John Sinclair Interview

  • John Sinclair talks about Joe Lalonde & Blizzards from oz CD project.
  • Working and recording online.
  • We talk about guitar heroes.
  • John Sinclair joining Ozzy’s The Ultimate Sin tour in 1986.
  • We talk about about Ozzy Osbourne albums.
  • Kevin Jones keyboards on Ozzy Osbourne’s “Live & Loud” 1993.
  • The John Sinclair Ozzy Osbourne audition legendary story, Bob Daisley told Ozzy Osbourne he knew of a keyboard player that drinks as much as he did and then Ozzy said he’s got the job.
  • Spinal Tap stories from Uriah Heep 1980’s concerts.
  • The interview also mentions musicians and bands Lee Kerslake, Bob Daisley, Joe Holmes, The Cult , Greg Dechert of Uriah Heep

URIAH HEEP Discography

  • Abominog (1982)
  • Head First (1983)
  • Equator (1985)


  • No Rest For The Wicked (1988)
  • Just Say Ozzy(live-1989)
  • No More Tears (1991)
  • Live and Loud (1993)
  • The Ozzman Cometh Compilation (1997)
  • Live at Budokan (live) (2002)
  • Prince of Darkness (Compilation box-set) (2005)

Cozy Powell Discography

  • The Drums Are Back (1992)

SAVOY BROWN Discography

  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Warriors (1981)
  • Raw Live ‘N Blue (2001)

SPINAL TAP Discography

  • This is Spinal Tap (1984)
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