Jeff Young, American guitarist for Platinum Selling Thrash Metal group Megadeth.Jeff Young gibson guitar

Jeff Young Interview

  • This interview will be helpful to any musicians seeking to find new cutting edge methods to navigate in the challenging and unsure modern music industry.
  • Jeff Young‘s Teaching at the Musicians Institute Los Angeles.
  • Recording differences with analog and digital.
  • Recording with microphones including Soundfield microphones.
  • Jeff talks about the music industry today.
  • Singles related market for music now in 2010 per example going back to the roots like the days of 45 inch singles.
  • The story of Twinkle (singer)
  • Jeff talks about his bands Chameleon & Equilibrium.
  • Jeff talks about Eddie Van Halen’s original famous guitar & Lynn Ellsworth .

Megadeth So far, so good… so what! Talking about Hydrogyn



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