Carlos Cavazo, guitarist for Heavy Metal groups Ratt and Quiet Riot.

Carlos Cavazo Interview

Carlos Cavazo Quiet Riot

  • Carlos Cavazo talks about equipment being used with Ratt.
  • Old effects and amps in the Quiet Riot days.
  • The idea being the Battle Axe guitar solo.
  • Meeting Randy Rhoads.
  • Stories of the band “Snow” The Hear ‘N Aid session in 1985.

Quiet Riot Discography : 1983 Metal Health, 1984 Condition Critical, 1986 QRIII, 1988 Quiet Riot, 1993 Terrified, 1995 Down to the Bone, 1999 Alive and Well, 2001 Guilty Pleasures

Ratt Discography : 2010 Infestation