Janet Robin Interview – Air Supply Guitarist talks Randy Rhoads

Janet Robin, Guitarist is the only female student of legendary Randy Rhoads. She was also the guitarist for Precious Metal & Air Supply.Janet Robin guitar

Janet Robin Interview

  • Janet Robin talks about her career in music.
  • She talks about playing guitar with hard rock band Precious Metal.
  • She discusses talking lessons with Randy Rhoads, while Randy was in Quiet Riot.
  • She talks about studying with Randy Rhoads for 5 years, and also mentions losing Randy Rhoads lessons on cassette.
  • Janet talks about her best Randy Rhoads memory.
  • She talks about playing with Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac).
  • We discuss the song “Anti-Anxiety song”, from solo album & “Mr. Big Stuff” by Precious Metal the video.