Douglas Jen, Brazilian guitar player from Progressive Metal band SupreMa.Douglas Jen live

Douglas Jen Interview

1. How is 2012 starting off for you Douglas?

Hi guys, firstly I want to thank for this space to talk a little more about my career. This year promises to be the best year of my career, recently SupreMa released Traumatic Scenes album, and the video of Nightmare. We traveled for several states here in Brazil to promote our new album and the fans received us very well again. In next months maybe we will have some tours out of here, and will be amazing for sure!

2. Can you tell me about the process of recording the latest SupreMa album?
The Traumatic Scenes album is a amazing CD, we made the productions at 2009 on my home studio. In 2010 we recorded, and in 2011 we mixed and mastered. All process was made carefully because all songs have different techniques and climates, the songs are so progressive and fast, and needs a lot of attention. We would to express and mix all ideas, and the result is a fast, technique and so heavy album! Watch the “Nightmare”

video to see the result .

3. As for Guitar gear that appears on the album and what you play live is it mostly the same?
All guitar lines were thought and studied for long time, and along the tour I play them as I recorded, my fans want to hear the riffs and all solos and I must to play the same!

4. What are your current endorsements as a guitarist?
Now I use the Ledur Guitars, 6 and 7 strings (the 7 strings is my Signature Guitar, amazing guitar with two Seymours and Basswood!! My blond ; and I use Powerclick, ear monitor.Douglas Jen guitar

5. How is the Current Metal scene in Brazil? 

In Brazil you can find a lot of bands, and here we have more than 30 talented bands. The world knows many bands like Angra, Sepultura, Krisiun, Torture Squad, Shadowside, Almah, Hibria, Shaman and many others, and I hope that our fans around the world can see SupreMa shortly.

In Brazil we have one problem, because a lot of bands comes here every months and fill all dates/venues, and the fans can’t buy tickets for 3 or 4 great concerts in same month, and they need to choose, and the Brazilian bands always have problems… The solution is play in others countries,
and differents states out of Tour Routes.

6. What’s your vision on the Internet as a tool to promote and market Music?

Internet can help the small bands, because on past them haven’t space to promote and show their music, and the big bands and labels have some problems with MP3 and ilegal downloads. Of course all bands have some advantages, and now you can spend less money for promotion, and have the
good side and the bad too, we only have to learn how to work with new technologies and adapt with new tendences.

7. With all the bands coming out today. Do you keep somehow updated with what comes out online, etc?
I’m always updated with new bands, and all newsletter and press releases on metal sites and magazines. Many bands delay to appear here, but and I’m always seeking news!

8. What would be your main influences?

Bands and guitar players on Progressive and Thrash Metal bands such as Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Victor Smolski, Jon Schaffer, Jeff Loomis and others guitar players as Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert.Douglas Jen guitarist

9. Where do you find inspiration to write music?

All time I’m writing new songs and ideas. I try to create new riffs and licks every time when I play guitar, so I write and record them and later I show to others guys and mix some riffs and similar parts to create the songs. Now I have around 40 riffs and 10 or 12 songs to finish.

10. Are there any other products or projects we can see from you in 2012 and in the future?
Sure! I have a instrumental project with drummer Bruno Valverde (amazing Brazilian drummer) and this year we will record some songs. This project seems Planet X some moments. I have my instrumental project, maybe this years will be release my first album!

Shortly I will record new video lessons for intermediate and advanced guitar players and you will can watch on my Youtube Channel. At December I will record my first DVD with a lot of lessons too.

The new SupreMa’s video at September, and I will play with singer German Pascual (Narnia/Divinefire) on November. You can see all updates at and Thanks Jason for this interview, I hope to see you shortly. Greetings from Brazil!!