Disbanded 90’s LA HARD ROCKERS KIK TRACEE have announced the release of BIG WESTERN SKY, a collection of B-SIDES, DEMOS, and RARITIES being released 7-17 via THC MUSIC/EMP LABEL GROUP/AMPED. BIG WESTERN SKY features early demos and rarities from the bands classic NO RULES/FIELD TRIP era, prior to disbanding in the early 90s. Says singer Stephen Shareaux, “After all these years. Why a Kik Tracee release now? The timing just felt right. We’ve been sitting on these songs for what, 25 years now? Kinda pulled them out recently, and listened to the stuff, and thought.. You know.. Let’s package this stuff and put it out there for the diehard fans to relive the glory days, if you will. Or just get their Kik Tracee on, man.”

Stephen Shareaux Interview

What’s new in the world of Stephen Shareaux?
Well quite simply just enjoying life and all things that encompass that! I have a wonderful 25 year old son that just recently moved no more a 5 minute walk from me here in Ojai, so I’m really enjoying spending more time with he and his girlfriend as of late! Grateful to still be inspired to play, write and perform music. Just maintaining a steady balance of work and play as they say!

Where did the idea come from to release B-Sides and Demos from Kik Tracee for the album Big Western Sky?
The idea has been thrown around for some time between myself, Rob and Greg. We always wanted to put something
out for the fans that really captured the essence of the band back in the coming up days, the raw unedited, hungry versions of things for people to enjoy. When Thom Hazaert got involved all the pieces just fell into place and the timing became right to finally do it. I’m excited about it, it was fun to go back and listen through that old stuff! I hope people enjoy it as much as we did putting this together!Kik Tracee

On average in a year how many shows do you do?
Between my different projects I’m guessing around 50 a year, would love to get that number up and hope to do that with the release of the Zen From Mars record.

Since Kik Tracee what bands have you played with?
Wow! Well I’ve had quite the history of experiences I can tell you that! As some would know I was up for the Motley gig when Vince left the band, so I’ve been in the room with them, then the Velvet Revolver opportunity came along and wrote several songs with them and also got in the room as well. Then more recently was considered for STP for the replacement for Scott and also went in the room with those cats as well. All fantastic experiences and always grateful just to be considered whether I got the gig or not. I’ve also had several bands together over the years, REVEL
8 to name one, many recording projects, rock operas, a solo record entitled Golden and most recently The Zen From Mars project!

Still today a song like Don’t Need Rules still sounds very much fresh. To you personally how do you view the song today versus back when it was made?
Well thank you very much! It’s really no different to me now compared to then, the song is about following your own set of rules, going out and forging your own path, taking chances and overcoming fears! Not being constrained by what society is telling you what you should and should not be doing in order to create a fulfilling, creative, and productive life for yourself and loved ones! I don’t think that concept will ever get old!

With Kik Tracee having released cool videos in the 1990’s would you say that the visual aspect of music never changed or did it change?
It’s definitely changed in the sense that technologically we are more able to create cooler images from our ideas, but the concept of putting video to music is still the same! Also I think the idea of big budget video seems more attainable to the independent musician, meaning some very cool images and shots can be created with ones own camera and their computer!

Your voice is a delicate instrument. How long did it take you to perfect it? What do you do to keep it strong and healthy?
I’ve always been very conscious of my throat and my body as an instrument from a very young age. I remember when I got into my first band at around 14 years old I was smoking Marlboro lights at the time and literally had an epiphany that I knew that after that first rehearsal that this was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life
and that I couldn’t smoke to do that, so I crunched up that pack of cigarettes and tossed them out and never touched one again! So it is definitely a commitment and choice for that matter to your temple to take of yourself and your instrument! I still warm up with the burbles and crazy noises to this day! With age I just exercise the everything in moderation concept!

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What would be some of your main musical influences today?
The Tame Impala record Currents really blew my mind and still does! Right now I’m into a lot of piano playing as my main influence, although I’m like a child on it, I still find it to be one of my main sources of inspiration! Just discovered Kandace Springs, she is fucking unbelievable!

What would we be surprised to find in your music collection at home?
Oh I don’t think there’s anything that would make anyone jump back, but like I said, I’ve just been listening to a lot of piano based stuff! Jazz and the like!

Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?
Well being the old school band in a room guy I am, I hope it still has that same innocence and feel! Although I have a feeling they may be surrounded by many more machines and computers, possibly even a robotic drummer! There’s a
futuristic spinal tap moment for ya! lol

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