Sophia Radisch

Sophia Radisch

Sophia Radisch is a 17 year old Canadian Recording Artist & Actress Represented by Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Ltd.

Sophia Radisch Interview

– What’s new in the world of Sophia Radisch?
Sophia Radisch – At 17 years old, I recently released my second album BEAUTIFUL SIN January, 7, 2016. I am currently setting up tours and will kick off my 2016 tour schedule in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It feels perfect to be performing music off my debut album INTOXICATED and BEAUTIFUL SIN in my home country. I am proud to be Canadian. Anyone wishing to contact me for booking can find contact information as well as follow my events on my website

– How was it recording your new album Beautiful Sin along with former Megadeth members Glen and Shawn Drover must have been a  great experience?
It was am amazing experience working with Glen Drover, former lead guitarist with Megadeth. He produced my album and I worked alongside him as co-producer. I feel very blessed to have had such an awesome opportunity.
As well, I composed all 13 songs on my album. I am vocalist, created vocal harmonies and played rhythm guitar on all tracks. Glen Drover was the producer and guest lead guitarist. And Shawn Drover, Glen’s brother, also formerly of Megadeth, was guest drummer on the album. Ronnie “Dawg” Robson played bass guitar on the album.
It was an incredible experience, working with these world-class musicians! It rocked!

– How do you build a song up from nothing to become something?
Building a song from nothing to something can be shaped in many ways. Sometimes it is a fleeting thought or feeling that acts as a seed for the growth of a story. Other times it is an experience that I witness in the world around me. And, other times yet, it is a creation of my imagination. Much like a writer would create a poem, short story or novel, a songwriter creates a song. Writing songs, for me, is like breathing. It is something that I must do. It completes me as a human being. I feel that I was born to do this. Like any artist, it is not easily definable. I believe each one of us is born with a gift, and when you follow your heart and intuition, then your gift works in you and speaks to you, and then you can share it. And, that is how the creative process works for me.

– What would be some of your main musical influences today?
Some of my main musical influences today would be the same influences as for my parents, as I grew up listening to my parents music. I listen to music of all genres, and I am influenced by many styles of music as well. I find musical elements that I like in all genres. I find that I learn as much from music I don’t like, as I do from music I love! However, I have been influenced most greatly by Classic Rock. Bands like Led Zeppelin, U2, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles. Guitarists like, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, and many more. Some vocalists that come to mind are Adel, Pink, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, to name a few. Everything I hear has influenced me in some way shape or form.

– How important is it for a musician in this generation to spend time on social media?
In this digital age, it is very important for musicians to spend time on social media. It is a very valuable asset for connecting with your fans, networking and promoting your music. I feel that it is an essential tool this day and age. It is also a very valuable way to research music and find new and exciting artists and bands.

– What would we be surprised to find in your music collection at home?
In my music collection at home, you would most likely be surprised to find a selection of Raggae and Classic Metal.

– Must be an awesome feeling when your single does so well. The current single “Hot Blooded” has a great promo video. How long was the process for that video?
Thank you very much for the compliment on my “Hot Blooded” music video. I worked with a filmmaker friend of mine Derek Price, from my hometown of Ottawa ON Canada. It was complex in the organization of the video, as many variables need to be put into place and come together in order to make a music video happen. Fortunately for me, working with Derek, I was the producer of my video. It came naturally for me, as we have worked on film sets together in the past, as I am also a film actress. The entire process of planning, organizing and filming took approximately 2 weeks to accomplish during the summer of 2015. I had just recently returned from the UK , recording part of the album there, and it was a wonderful celebration to come home to, to film “Hot Blooded” in my home town.

– Making videos must be a lot of work and still fun to do. How do you look at it?
I love making music videos. To me, it is a natural coming together of many of the art forms which I adore: performance and music and setting out and working as a team, to accomplish a goal. I feel very fortunate to be able to follow my dreams and achieve success with what I love to do!

– Your voice is a delicate instrument. How long did it take you to perfect it?
You’re right. The voice is a delicate instrument. I am always learning new ways to use my voice. I don’t think anyone really ever perfects any instrument. But the main thing is to continue to work on improving and training and learning new techniques. The voice is like any other instrument. It takes time, patience, desire and passion.

– Where do you see the Music industry in 100 years from now?
That’s a tough question. I mean, where do I see humanity 100 years from now? Many people believe that the digital world is taking over and becoming ever more powerful. But, I think as long as there are people, there will be passion for music. There will be passion for real instruments and performance. People like to create new and exciting things and have new and exciting adventures. I imagine music will be the same. Most likely, there will be new and exciting genres of music, yet to be heard, evolve over the next 100 years. And, experimental sounds, combining electronic and old school. Exciting times ahead!

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