Shawn Drover, Canadian drummer from Trash Metal group Megadeth.Megadeth Bucharest 2005 Shawn Drover

Shawn Drover Interview

  • Shawn talks about replacing Nick Menza.
  • Shawn’s first show with Megadeth.
  • Headcrusher video.
  • Shawn thrilled to finally tour Halifax, Nova Scotia with Megadeth.
  • Metallica’s Death Magnetic compared to Megadeth’s Endgame.
  • Shawn’s drum influences Neil Peart from Rush, Max Webster.
  • How many drum sticks he uses in a night.
  • Chuck Behler (Megadeth) drummer from 1987-1989.
  • Drum tracks for Endgame took 7 days to do.