I thought I was a Prince fan. Turns out I was not really one. Yet.

Prince live 2011

Prince live in 2011

With only a one month notice of his royal visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia, the scramble for tickets came even before we could absorb the fact that he would be in town. Luckily for me, my little sister, always looking up to me in our youth, took it upon herself to get us good seats. She was 11 when the Purple Rain fell upon us. I was 16, listened to Prince, ergo, she listened to Prince. So sisterly road trip it is!

Prince Halifax

Tragedy struck as we walked from the hotel to the Metro Centre. The heel from my left boot broke. Determined to get there early, there was no going back for a change of shoes. Happily hobbling along, we arrived before most and took our seats an hour before the concert was to begin. The sacrificial shoe walk was well worth it. We were treated to our very own intimate concert (last minute practice) with His Purple Highness.
Concert time. As soon as the first notes filled the air, the crowd was on its feet. I, in my socks, and the other thousands in their respective shoes, danced and sang to the songs whose lyrics stayed with us for almost 30 years.

I am not an avid or frequent concert-goer, but I am quite certain this is and will be the best one I will ever attend. It felt as though he was there to sing and dance with us, rather than for us, and with his humour and easy smile he created a beautiful, happy, carefree, musically-blessed atmosphere that will last far beyond the last encore.

I was in reality expecting a much darker, mysterious, private singer. To the audience’s delight, we were shown a fun-loving, confident, talented entertainer. In those 2 hours, I became a true fan of a true Prince.

Trudging back to the hotel through Halifax streets in soggy stockinged feet, I was still in awe of the experience, on a natural high of music, and loving every minute.

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Get Down Tonight (yes, KC & the Sunshine Band)
Let’s Go Crazy/Delirious
A Million Days
Let’s Go (Cars cover)/Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
Cool (recorded by The Time, but Prince wrote it)
Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan) sung by Shelby J, Elisa Dease and Liv Warfield
Purple Rain
Medley including When Doves Cry/Sign o’ the Times/The Most Beautiful
Girl in the World/Pop Life/Darling Nikki/Forever In My Life/Hot Thing (among other things) Kiss
Nothing Compares 2 U
Get Wild (NPG tune, with a sample of the flute from Gett Off)
Disco Heat (Sylvester)
Baby I’m a Star



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Julie Milburn · December 2, 2011 at 1:45 am

I too have been a fan for 20 yrs. I was around 11 yrs old when I fell inlove with his music, style, moves, and sexy, shy, confidence. I drove for 3 hours to get to this concert, got lost looking for my hotel, had 20 minutes to get ready (hair, make up, and dressed), but made it in time. I was so amazed with that I experienced that night, it will be a part of me forever. Even if I had never heard of Prince, or heard of any of his songs, I would have left that building in awe. The stage, the lights, the voice, the guitar playing, the moves, the energy, it was all above, and beyond, my high expectations:)

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