The Great Kat – Beethoven on Speed – Review

The Great Kat just recently re-mastered and re-released her 1990 classic album Beethoven on Speed.  This CD is a numbered limited edition which makes it even more special.The Great Kat Beethoven on Speed

You want sexy mixed with lust and talent? Here is Beethoven on Speed.

The Great Kat Beethoven on Speed

The CD opens up with the track Beethoven on Speed, guitars and drums blazing with the Kat’s signature guitar playing solos. Some of the guitar tones on this CD could be considered classic because it is usually the sound people want on an album in the Heavy Metal genre. Flight of the Bumble-Bee, is showcased at very high tempos from the Great Kat’s fingers. The song even features a very groovy rhythm section towards the middle before coming to extreme speeds once more. The Funeral March track offers very classy grooves with the rhythm sections on the guitar; this track sure gets the Thrash Metal feelings going.

The God track lets you hear multi-layered guitar solos played simultaneously which the Kat made famous as one of her trademarks. Made in Japan has funny moments with the lyrics on the subject of money. Sex & Violins is my favorite master piece on this album because it shows how violin should be played. With only a violin and a piano this demonstrates that the Great Kat has some serious talent. Those who saw the promo video for Beethoven Mosh know what sexy and lust mixed together with Classical Thrash Metal looks like. Pure Kat. We can’t forget the Paganini’s 24 Caprice track in honor of the great Nicolo Paganini. The solos in this track feature insane picking at top speeds.

Highlights for this classic album would certainly be Flight Of The Bumble-Bee, Beethoven on Speed, Beethoven Mosh, Sex & Violins and Paganini’s 24 Caprice.

Overall this Classical and Thrash Metal album brings the audience to its knees.



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