The Great Kat – Beethoven Shreds – 2011 CD Review

Pure Speed at it’s finest. The Great Kat, unleashes the classics at ultimate speed. There is nothing like the Great Kat.beethoven shreds cd

The Great Kat Beethoven Shreds: The Great Kat’s New “Beethoven Shreds” CD Now Distributed Internationally By Music Video Distributors!

The Great Kat, the world’s fastest guitar shredder’s new “Beethoven Shreds” CD is now distributed world-wide through Music Video Distributors (MVD) “The Great Kat, the world’s fastest guitarist, unleashes the ultimate shred guitar CD. Displaying the world’s fastest shred guitar music, this CD features The Great Kat’s electrifying tracks on guitar and violin with dazzling insane speeds of 300 BPM.”

The Great Kat is a Julliard graduate violin virtuoso/shred guitar diva (“Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” – Guitar One Magazine), combining metal and classical music for a speed thrill unchallenged in the music industry. “Beethoven Shreds” CD features The Great Kat’s dizzying display of guitar and violin virtuosity on the high-speed “The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee”, Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” (with the world’s most famous 4 notes), plus phenomenal guitar/violin pyrotechnics on Paganini’s “Caprice #24” & more Shred/Classical insanity.