Pamela Moore, vocalist that has worked with Queensryche and Primal Fear.Pamela Moore Queensryche

In this interview…

  • Pamela Moore talks about the band “Chakra” she has recorded with.
  • Moore talks about how it was like touring with Queensryche & Primal Fear.
  • The original Pamela Moore album details.
  • How Pamela Moore began working with Queensryche on “Operation Mindcrime” & “The Empire” tour.

Queensryche DiscographyOperation: Mindcrime – 1988, Operation: LIVEcrime – 2001, Live Evolution – 2002, Operation: Mindcrime II – 2006

Pamela Moore is an American singer and songwriter, mixing hard rock, pop and electronica, and in more recent years has delved into heavy metal. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Born and raised in Seattle, Moore was introduced to theater at a young age and developed a passion for performing on stage. She studied with the music program in high school and taught herself how to play steel-string acoustic guitar and piano.

In the early eighties, Moore released her two first albums, Take a Look and You Won’t Find Me There. Both albums were critically acclaimed, but record label problems put an early end to her budding career. However, in 1988, Moore was tapped to be the voice of Sister Mary on Queensrÿche’s concept album Operation: Mindcrime. It became a commercial success, and as a result started performing live with them. In the late 1990s, she became the singer for the band Radar and relocated to New York to record their 2000 debut album, R.P.M. After Radar disbanded in 2001, Moore moved back to Seattle.

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