Mat Sinner bassist for Power Metal band Primal Fear.

– How is it going with the new promotions for Primal Fear’s Apocalypse album?
We’re playing a lot of Open Air festivals in Europe, have release parties coming up, interviews. A lot of activities – well, we’re working hard because we believe in our new album and love it!

– How was it writing and recording the songs for the self titled album from a studio point of view?
We haven’t changed our system. Our last album Rulebreaker was well reviewed, the fans were happy. We’ve collected songs over the months, made a detailed pre-production and decided the songs we want to record. We moved to Denmark, recorded the guitars in Sweden & France, bass & vocals in Germany and finally mixed the album in Denmark. We’re very happy about the song writing and production. Now the fans will decide :-)

– Where did the ideas for the album title and artwork come from?
It our trademark – the eagle, this time on fire and burning, surrounded by elements of the Apocalypse. That was a band idea and the great cover artist Stan Decker worked on it.

Ralf Scheepers Interview 2011 PRIMAL FEAR Frontman

– Will there be music videos issued for the new album and what are your thoughts on Lyric videos becoming very popular now?
We’ve already released two videos for „Hound Of Justice“ and „King Of Madness“. „The Ritual“ will follow on August 03, followed by the album release on August 10

– I am sure you’ve met interesting fans and have good stories to tell. What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on tour that you can recall?
The bus ride from Honduras to Guadeloupe was like an adventure or the landing in La Paz in Bolivia was a cool Indiana Jones moment

– How many shows do you play per year on average, and how crazy does the schedule get?
We’re playing around 80-120 shows. The schedule is always crazy. 2016 we’ve played in Australia, flew back via Singapur to Germany more than 25 hours, jumped into a bus, drove to Belgium and played a show at the Graspop festival. Living the dream :-)

Randy Black Interview Drummer for PRIMAL FEAR

– Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?
If our planet still exists in 100 years, music will be always a part of our life. Good songs will stilll bring joy to our daily life!

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