Marc Storace, singer for Heavy Metal group Krokus.Krokus Marc Storace live

In this interview…

  • Storace talks about Krokus promoting there new album Hoodoo.
  • Why was the song from Steppenwolf Born to be Wild featured on the new Hoodoo album.
  • The canadian content featured by Krokus.
  • We talk about his contribution to Canadian band “Loverboy”.
  • Secrets to his voice and how he keeps it healty.
  • The big question about Storace replacing Bon Scott from AC/DC in 1980.
  • The reason behind not playing anything from the “The Blitz” & “Change Of Address” albums.
  • Mark speaks on the last time seeing Ronnie James Dio and speaking on his tale
  • Storace sends his condolences to the Dio family.
  • In this interview Marc Storace sings lyrics to a lot of songs.

Krokus: Lead Singer Marc Storace (2013 Interviews)

Marc Storace, Maltese lead singer for notable Hard Rock band Krokus. Marc Storace talks about the latest album Dirty Dynamite. How did the album come about. It took two years to make. The importance of making promo videos for the music business. The influences used for this band being blues and rock n roll.

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