T & N band Jeff Pilson

T & N

Jeff Pilson, American bassist Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands such as Dokken, Foreigner, Dio, Steel Dragon, T & N.

In this interview…

  • Jeff Pilson talks about the latest album for T & N Slave to the Empire.
  • How it’s like working with Mick Brown, George Lynch and Brian Tichy.
  • Working on the Dokken re recorded works.
  • How was it working in the studio to make this album.
  • Working in a home studio to recorded the album Slave to the Empire.
  • When will T & N tour.
  • Jeff Pilson touring a lot with Rock Legends Foreigner.
  • How complicated was it to find the right singers for the songs.
  • Finding the name of the band and not using Tooth and Nail.
  • In Jeff’s view how important is a album artwork.
  • Secrets to Jeff’s bass tone in studio and live situation.
  • We talk about the classic vintage basses with it’s wood making the tones.
  • How is the touring world in 2012.
  • New Foreigner product coming in 2013.