Graham Bonnet, British vocalist from Hard Rock groups Alcatrazz, Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group and Impelliteri.

  • Graham Bonnet talks about the new lineup for Alcatrazz.
  • Economy with music these days.
  • Alcatrazz always having the best guitarist in the world.
  • Yngwie Malmsteen being in Alcatrazz & Steve Vai.
  • Founding days of Alcatrazz and the auditions of the original guitar players.
  • History with the band Rainbow.
  • Graham Bonnet’s family history.
  • We talk the history of the Bee Gees.

Graham Bonnet Interview 2018

Graham Bonnet is an English rock singer and songwriter. He has recorded and performed as a solo artist and as a member of several hard rock and heavy metal bands including Rainbow, the Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz, and Impellitteri. Sometimes titled ‘the most powerful voice in rock’ by his fans, Bonnet is known for his powerful voice and wide vocal range. His singing has been noted as ‘very loud’ by both his contemporaries and himself, and he claims to be a self-taught singer with ‘no discipline for lessons’.

Bonnet was born in Skegness in 1947. He had his first hit single with the duo, The Marbles in 1968, with the single “Only One Woman” (Polydor 56 272), which reached Number 5 in the UK Singles Chart. This and its follow-up were both written by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees who had recorded in Australia with Bonnet bandmate from The Marbles, Trevor Gordon.

Bonnet then quit to do advert jingles. He appeared in the 1974 British comedy film, Three for All as lead singer of ‘Billy Beethoven’, a fictional band, along with several notable UK comedy personalities and his then partner Adrienne Posta, although his character’s lines were limited to only two words.

In 1977 he released an eponymous album, which was certified gold in Australia. The single, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”, a cover version of the Bob Dylan song, also reached the top five in Australia in 1977, and the following year the single “Warm Ride”, written by the Bee Gees, a leftover from the Saturday Night Fever sessions, reached number one there.