Jimmy Bower Interview
Associated Acts: Eyehategod, Down, Crowbar, Corrosion of ConformitySuperjoint Ritual.
Instruments:Drums, Guitar, Bass
Genre: Heavy metal, hardcore punk, Southern rock, Sludge Metal

In this interview…

  • Jimmy talks about the Eyehategod summer tour.
  • We talk about the new material that will be played on tour.
  • Jimmy Bower talks about the upcoming Eyehategod album.
  • Where did the Whiskey Drink album title come from since appearing on Wikipedia.
  • How is the touring situation with the Eyehategod.
  • The past Metal magazines and how times have changed now for the Music Industry.
  • What will music evolve to in the future certainly for Metal.
  • Eyehategod considering themselves as a old punk blues band.
  • We talk about the Delta Blues sound and Robert Johnson’s legends.