Doro Pesch, German Heavy Metal vocalist.Doro Pesch singer in 2012

In this interview…

  • We talk about her latest promo video Raise Your Fist In The Air.
  • Playing Wacken Festival and seeing the fist in the air.
  • Canadian tour dates for Doro Pesch.
  • Going back to the roots of her career with this latest album.
  • Time again for neck breaker music going back to power.
  • Doing french version of the song Raise Your Fist In The Air “lève ton poids dans le ciel”.
  • Doro talks about speaking different languages like French, Spanish.
  • Classic heavy metal band Trust is mentioned about creating the song Antisocial which Anthrax made famous.
  • How has music videos evolved to now days.
  • What album covers should look like in a classic way.
  • We talk about Doro’s Under My Skin Compilation Album.