Tarja Turunen, Finish singer notable as a solo artist and working with Symphonic Metal band Nightwish. She worked with Argentine Metal band Beto Vázquez Infinity.Tarja Turunen singer

Tarja Turunen Interview

Interview October 25, 2012. Check out Tarja Turunen Online http://www.tarjaturunen.com/

1. Where did the idea come for releasing the latest live album and DVD Act I : Live in Rosario?

After two studio albums, over 200 shows and with the experience I already have, it seemed natural to come up with the live release now.

2. What are some of your current projects?

“Outlanders” is electronic, chill out project and I am currently working on writing new songs for this. “Harus” a classical line up of mine with whom I am going to be performing in the end of the year in Finland. I am going to have classical Christmas concerts in Germany and Finland in December, also with my Quartet. “Beauty and the Beat” is another classical project together with drummer Mike Terrana, symphonic orchestra and choir. We are going to make a world tour with it starting from April next year.

At the moment I am also working on my new studio album, which is planned to be released in August/September next year.

3. On keeping your voice in tip top shape what would be your secret?

There are no secrets J! I am training daily while being at home and while on tour, in every show day. It is vital for me to make progress as a lyrical singer since it also helps me to sing rock better. I still take singing lessons from my teacher time to time and give lessons myself. I have to be cautious about how I dress, what I eat/drink and when I sleep so that my voice can shine as its best in each of my shows.

4. What do you think of promo videos nowadays with everything being on YouTube?

They are as important as before even though the channels have changed. Nowadays we don’t have MTV, but instead YouTube. The people still wants to see videos from the bands and artists.Tarja Turunen live in 2012

5. Any news on your next album?

I am producing my next studio album already. We have recorded drums, guitars and bass for it already and at the moment we are finishing recording keyboards. The production will take until May next year, because I have several classical music tours in between that are breaking the process. If all goes fine, I hope that the album could be released in August/September next year.

I have just recently found my style and sound so I would like to establish it with the third studio album.

The elements on the album will remain the same as in my previous albums, also the versatile style of songs. I like to keep the big dynamic changes between my songs, so that album songs feel radically different from each other. I am not stressed at all this time even though I am producing the album on my own again. I have been lucky to gather around a group of musicians who are willing to work with me, so everything is going smoothly.

6. What do you think of the music industry today and where it is going?

Until the governments don’t have a clear law against piracy and the digital downloads are not working worldwide properly, the record industry will keep on suffering.

7. Would you say the health of the Music scene is becoming stronger?

Thank God people still loves music, because the business is getting harder and harder every day. I have been touring all over the world and I keep on touring and what I can see is that people still connects with the music.Tarja Turunen

8. What’s your vision of the internet for musicians in the future?

All the bands and artists have needed to find new ways to promote their products and internet is a very important tool of information today, but still as big as it sounds, it is very limited. We are online, but not everybody is. When internet becomes really massive, having everybody online and the laws are really clear, and then we can talk about music’s future in internet. I think we are still far away.

9. What could we find interesting in Tarja Turunen’s music collection at home?

I have more than 4000 CD’s at home and another same amount in my husband parent’s house, so you could spend some fun time in finding weird stuff. I have music from 60’s till these days, from pop/rock/metal/classical music and movie soundtracks.

10. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician on tour?

I wake up usually quite late, just in time for the lunch especially if I sleep badly during the night. I go out for jogging, if possible before sound check. After dinner I start preparing my clothes, make up and hair for the show. When I am ready with those things, I start with my breathing and vocalizing exercises to warm up my voice. Then it’s show time! After the show I usually meet my fans and that always takes some time before I can go to sleep again.

11. Where does Tarja Turunen see Music in 100 years from now?

If you check what was going on in the Music 100 years ago, it would have been unpredictable then to say where we are now, so I can only imagine that people will still love music in 100 years.