Dave Walker Interview | Black Sabbath Singer talks Never Say Die

by Jason SaulnierDecember 30, 2011
Ex Black Sabbath singer Dave Walker

Dave Walker, frontman for Platinum selling artists Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown.Black Sabbath Dave Walker

Dave Walker Interview


  • Dave talks about his band.
  • We talk about never having a computer and not going online.
  • Dave talks about an upcoming songs for a future album.
  • Dave talks about Fleetwood Mac Penguin album.
  • We talk about the Black Sabbath TV program BBC Midlands “Look Hear” in 1978 “War Pigs” also “Junior’s Eyes” featuring Dave on vocals.
  • Walker recalls his days in Black Sabbath.
  • How would Never Say Die have turned out with Walker instead of Ozzy Osbourne.