Tony Dolan, Bassist from Metal band Mpire Of Evil, Venom. Interview March 9, 2012Mpire Of Evil band

Tony Dolan Interview

1. Could you tell me about the recording process of Mpire Of Evil’s album Hell To The Holy on the Bass playing side?

A; Well…I recorded bass in the studio…Mantas had placed guides when he’d wrote and when I came to do the final recordings on vocals..I also layed bass down. I took the bass via di…and also though a processor…playing against the drum tracks…it was easier to control the sound we wanted..

2. Can you tell me about the Bass gear used on the album Hell To The Holy?
A; Well…like I said…I took it through a processor…in this case Line 6 and went di …no amps cabs set up in a live room as we didn’t have the studio space, in the end…so we shaped the sound once onboard..

3. Are there any more endorsements you are supporting?
A; None right now but we are looking at Sennheiser..and sure mic’s as I use a headset these days for live…and HK for bass’s…although I love my Ricks….but they don’t need me for promotion…amp wise…well there are so many cool amp/cab combinations I want them all..but right now I am still using my Kruger amps and Transporter cabs.

4. What’s your vision on Social Media as a tool to promote and get your music out to the masses?
A; I think it is great…very useful…means that some fat useless fuck in an office can’t give you demo 2 minutes of his marvellous time then ditch you in a bin while you endlessly wait for his response that is never You can make your own artwork…make your own music , record and then promote everything via the net…no middle man. Downside…too much out there and you can’t hear everything so some stuff will be missed but everyone will hear something,. And that is great I think…..

5. Do you keep up to date on the internet with what’s coming out?

A; Kind of…I am using it every day I my job now and of course for promoting and speaking to bands always so you get to know what is the newest things …I think it’s important to keep up with the front end…’s changing fast and you gotta keep up..Mpire Of Evil Hell to the Holy

6. How is the current Metal Scene in your area?
A; In London…good…lots of great acts coming though but then again Jay I live in London so…it’s the capital and everyone comes through here, lol.

7. I am sure you are looking forward to the North American tour?
A; Very much..Coming to Canada where I lived in the 70’s an have so much family will be so cool. Family will come to see us in Detroit (I lived in Windsor) and again In Toronto..I can’t wait…I’ve been trying to play North America for years and finally we get to come…the home of ROCK!

8. Has there been a lot of changes in the metal industry since your Venom days?
A; Yes there has….more break off genre’s…it kind of a shame but that’s only because, while it has managed to create and donate some amazing musicians and has managed to split and fragment our field…in the days there was one or 2 things…Rock and Metal now there are so many sub genre’s people think our music is dying…it is not the case it is very much alive and well just not one community any longer as it was..Maybe it is time for the one flag to fly again and show everyone we are all one M-Pire…..whatever the term it is all one big family.

9. What could we find interesting in your Music collection in 2012?

Tony Dolan 2011

Tony Dolan 2011

A; Mine? Oh lol…well…..lots of stuff…Black label Society, Napalm Death, Immortal, Destruction, Coldplay, Bruno Mars…Joe Matera…..Bulldozer, Sodom, Rammstein…Exodus, Metallica, all sorts of shit…everything has relevance and a closed mind is a small mind…I love Metal but also appreciate good song writing… anything that make me listen and appreciate…

10. Could you describe what goes on in a day in the life of Tony Dolan?
A; My day? I don’t stop, radio promo, interviews, internet promotion, working out tour logistics, writing new music, artwork ideas…T-shirt designs…then my day job, which also revolves around music…I think out of any one day I may have as down time around 2/3 hrs…Friday last…a typical day for me….was already in the north after a 300mile drive…5am up, 6am in wardrobe and makeup for a commercial shoot for Newcastle Brown ale…this is for the US market, finish 7pm, back for 3 interviews, 2 via skype and another phone interview and then rehearsals…for morning up at 6am and 300 miles drive south…that’s pretty typical at the moment for me….fucking exhausting..

11. Are there any products or projects we will see from you in the future?
A; Yes…more filming…and an AtomKraft album with Jimmy Durkin (Dark Angel) and lots of guest music stuff…plus writing…then there is the M-Pire material…a new Ep and new album…yes we are already planning….

12. Any advice for musicians that are starting in the music industry?
A; YES…follow your dream..the only one who can stop you from succeeding is you..Listen to what people say but take your own path. For everyone who likes what you do…there is someone who hates it..but that is the beauty of life..and the richness of mankind..remember this…the one who likes you may have bad taste…lol..the one who doesn’t may have bad….do what you are happy with, that is all you can do…the rest is left to fate….

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