Sean Yseult, bassist for Alternative Metal bands Star & Dagger, White Zombie. White Zombie being a Platinum selling group.Sean Yseult bass

  • Sean Yseult talks about her new band Star & Dagger.
  • We talk about the original songs played live with Star & Dagger.
  • We talk about the book I’m in the Band writen by Sean Yseult.
  • Sean talks about the early days of Rob Zombie and White Zombie.
  • The good thing about saving early memorabilia.
  • Having the boxes of documents and memorabilia surviving Hurricane Katrina.
  • How is the economy for musicians today in 2012.
  • What if White Zombie was made today in 2012 would it have been a big hit.
  • What is a day in the life with Yseult like.