Music Legends – What’s new in the world of Scott Wilson? The band Saving Abel is writing new music I would imagine. If yes how is that all going? Also do you have any tours coming up in the near future?

Scott Wilson – It’s going great. Yes saving abel has a lot of shows coming up as well as the “redneck rebellion tour” with my longtime friends Soil.

Music Legends – How many shows do you play per year on average, and how crazy does the schedule get?

Scott Wilson – Saving Abel did 300 dates two years ago. Typically with Tantric we were 200-250 per year. Put that along with all the studio work and working with other bands there. Tack on Sunshine Studios our venue in Colorado Springs and yes it gets a little hectic. Haha to say the least.bass player for Saving Abel and Tantric

Music Legends – How important are music videos in the industry today?

Scott Wilson – Music videos are very important these days. Everyone likes to see live videos, vlogs, any sort of entertainment. Videos typically do really well on social media as far as response.

Music Legends – How do they compare to videos from 20 years ago?

Scott Wilson – Well video killed the radio star! Haha things now are very complex as far as production. The difference is now the labels aren’t dumping 200-500k in videos. The money isn’t there. However bands can do amazing stuff for way less money these days.

Music Legends – What would be some of your main musical influences today?

Scott Wilson – I’ve always loved Jaco, Victor Wooten, Flea , John Cowan, Tony Franklin.

Music Legends – Is the band fans of Spotify and similar streaming services? What are your thoughts on this?

Scott Wilson – Well legislation is finally catching up somewhat with the industry as far as licensing and royalties. The problem is the system was busted before they started trying to figure it out as far as how artists get paid for their works. This led to the collapse of big industry music and many long time record labels.
I use Spotify and love it. However it took something like that to make the government turn an eye to the losses writers as well as the industry have taken.

Music Legends – Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?

Scott Wilson – Into the future. I think music will always go in circles and the old styles of real rock will be back.

Music Legends – Any words of wisdom to share with aspiring artists?

Scott Wilson – Be prepared to work hard, study marketing as hard as your instrument. Educate yourself in music and be prepared to give everything up to peruse what your dreams hold in store!




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