Pete Lesperance guitarist for Canadian Melodic Rock band Harem Scarem. Interview November 20, 2014.

In this interview…

Pete Lesperance guitar

Pete Lesperance

  • We talk about the latest Harem Scarem album called Thirteen.
  • Where did the guitar tones come from for this album.
  • Pete’s guitar effects for the album is called Axe-Fx II.
  • He talks about his go too guitars a 1988 Les Paul Studio and Bill Nash Telecaster.
  • There will be a vinyl edition of the album Thirteen.
  • We talk about Darren Smith from Red Dragon Cartel working with Harem Scarem.
  • What Pete Lesperance thinks of music videos.

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Pete Lesperance is a Canadian guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer best known as the lead guitarist for the Canadian hard rock band Harem Scarem. Lesperance was born October 13, 1968 in Scarborough, Ontario. Lesperance was a guitarist in the Oshawa metal band Minotaur before forming Harem Scarem with Blind Vengeance vocalist Harry Hess in 1987.

Lesperance’s solo album, Down In It, was released in 2004 in Japan only, where Harem Scarem had their main fanbase. With fellow guitarist Mike Turner (ex-Our Lady Peace), they put together the band Fair Ground. Together they released a new version of Down In It.

Lesperance’s own studio, Hope Songs, is located in Toronto, Ontario. Lesperance has produced many bands, including the rock band One Short. He is currently finishing up albums for Canadian Idol contestants Aaron Walpole and Suzi Rawn.
His influences include Eddie Van Halen, Brian May, Nuno Bettencourt and Steve Vai.




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