Mitch Perry guitarist and Paul Shortino

Mitch Perry Guitarist

Mitch Perry, Guitarist for Hard Rock groups, Quiet Riot, Edgar Winter, David Lee Roth, Steeler, Asia, Cher, Aerosmith, Mcauley Schenker Group and Talas.

Mitch Perry Interview

  • Mitch Perry talks about a lot of subjects with bands he played with through out his career.
  • John Payne’s Asia, solo album, The Zep Set.
  • Mitch was part of the Quiet Riot era. Mitch replaced Greg Leon which replaced Randy Rhoads. Rudy Sarzo joined the band “Angel” after Quiet Riot.
  • Drew Forsyth was the drummer of Quiet Riot in the time of Mitch Perry.
  • Gary Van Dyke was the bassist of Quiet Riot in those days he came from the band “Virgin”.
  • Mitch talks about the song “Party All Night” by Quiet Riot.
  • Mitch Perry tells us how it was like meeting Randy Rhoads.
  • Mitch could have been Motley Crue’s frontman. Nikki Sixx looking for a singer for “Motley Crue”
  • First guitarist to replace Steve Vai in David Lee Roth’s band.
  • Mitch played 3 weeks with David Lee Roth, Rocket Ritchotte from (Cher) he replaced then Jason Becker then replaced Rocket Ritchotte.
  • Mitch Perry replaced Yngwie Malmsteen in “Steeler”
  • Bands Mitch played in “Dutch Courage” with Randy Castillo, Ralph Morman (Joe Perry Project).
  • Other bands Mitch Perry played in “Code Blue” with Randy Castillo New Wave band.
  • Mitch Perry appears on Aerosmith’s “Classic Live” 1986 album. Played Keyboards, Jimmy Crespo played the guitars.
  • Other groups Mitch made part of “Heaven”, “McAuley Schenker Group”.

Here is the Mitch Perry Guitarist great interview. Hope you enjoy.