Mark Holmes is the frontman for Legendary Canadian rock music group Platinum Blonde.platinum blonde band

  • Coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia with Platinum Blonde throughout the years.
  • Keeping it fresh and new with the bands latest singles Beautiful and Valentine.
  • When did Mark Holmes discover his voice and where did it come from.
  • The importance to having a signature sound with a band.
  • We talk about the video for Beautiful and how the video was made.
  • The interesting film shoot for the Valentine video.
  • What does Mark think of the social media networks.
  • Where does his song structures come from and with instruments.
  • The story on where the band changed their name from Platinum Blonde to the Blondes.
  • Standing in the Dark 30 year anniversary tour.
  • The 1980’s marketing campaign with the Hostess chips stickers.
  • Mark’s DJ career, no.9 record and the Mark Holmes solo album.