Interview with Hard Rock band Love Stallion’s Aaron Hart.

Love Stallion Interview

– How was it working on your music video Slow Release?

This was our first video, and it was super fun! We compiled a video from our headliner show at the Marquis Theater in Denver, along with the rehearsal & backstage beforehand. We did our best to ham it up! Our friend Gabby Martinez filmed & edited everything, and it was super fun to see her capture not just the fun & funny moments, but some candid personal ones too.

– Where does a band name like Love Stallion get born?

I have always had an affinity for the heart symbol. Go figure with a name like Aaron Hart. But my dear friend ilan, a fellow rock & roll fan, helped brainstorm that one. Our friends & I call ourselves “The Stallions”, so it was a natural progression to “Love Stallion”. After coming up with it, we both sent each other a sample logo…and they were almost identical! It was very close to our logo today.

– Would you say Hard Rock is becoming strong again worldwide?

Absolutely! Just in the last decade, so many of the big classic rock acts have come back, and they are back to selling out big venues. Electronic music has had its day, and I think the world is craving the
real thing again: real people playing real instruments, raw & live.

– Are lyric videos as popular in your eyes to standard music videos?

It may depend on the genre, but I don’t think so. So much of our lives have become depersonalized, so people today more than ever want to see, feel, and experience the band as much as possible. Perfect examples: Instagram & Snapchat.

– Any good concerts you are doing this summer?

Ninja Sex Party in August, and Sebastian Bach in September. I haven’t seen either, so super excited!

– Where do you see music going in the future?

With technology moving at warp speed, I think and hope the next frontier is more real-time & life-like collaboration. I love what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing with HitRecord on TV!



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