The Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour
The Garde Arts Center
October 12, 2018

The Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour

The beautiful Garde Arts Center hosted the Music of Cream: 50th Anniversary Tour for a night of throwback entertainment. The tour features Malcolm Bruce (Jack Bruce’s son), Kofi Baker (Ginger Baker’s son) and Will Johns (Eric Clapton’s nephew). Most call them the “the kids” but they are approaching their 50’s today and are all accomplished musicians themselves.

The stage was sparse but the band of three made up for that with a magical light show and clips of Cream members from the 60’s. They set up the night in 2 sets with a 20 minute break. During the break there was a short film with a bit of the backstory of the original Cream.

The original band Cream formed in 1966 and had short run that changed the music scene in the 60’s forever. Cream was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. Though the band only lasted 2 1/2 years, decades later the music lives on being played daily on many radio stations and home systems plus now by way of the sons and nephews bringing it back live on stage.

Jack Bruce passed away in 2014. Clapton went on to continue his hit career and Ginger Baker no longer plays. But what better band to carry on the legacy than one made of members of the family. They sound similar enough to carry it off and they’ve been exposed to the sounds of Cream since birth.

This casting of the band each have had a good run individually playing with various British bands and artists and they performed all the songs competently, including solos by each. There was no holding back and shortening what are considered lengthy songs. The longest being “Toad” by Baker, he did his father proud on the drum solo.

There were also a couple of stories and memories of life with their relatives back in the early years shared with the audience. It was nostalgic and endearing to hear how some of the songs came about.
It was a throwback, trippy, psychedelic kind of night that lasted close to three hours and ended with “Sunshine of Your Love” followed by an encore of “Spoonful.”

The night was very enjoyable and it was great to hear the well-known songs of Cream done live and done well.

There aren’t many bands from that era with original members still touring, but this is close with all the members being in the family tree. The audience approved as well and stood to show their appreciation.
It is a show well worth seeing.

Review by Donna Erichsen
Photos by George Bekris

Set 1
Outside Woman Blues
Sleepy Time Time
Deserted Bities
Strange Brew
Pressed Rat and Warthog

Set 2
I’m So Glad
Born Under a Bad Sign
White Room
Sitting On Top Of The World
Sweet Wine
We’re Going Wrong
Sunshine Of Your Love



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