– Hope your summer is going well, what’s new with Clayton Morgan? Summer is going well. Right now, I’m in the process of creating a live performance set. There will be live performances coming up soon!

– How is the current music scene in general for Texas and certainly for R&B? The music scene is alive and well. There’s so much going on around the Dallas area for R&B/Soul music. I always come across events that support indie R&B artist for performance opportunities.

– Finding your niche in a big pool sometimes can be difficult. What’s your take on this subject? I try to remain true to who I am as an artist. In doing so, I work on projects that make me happy and fulfill my artistic needs. I think having a passion for what you love will shine through for others to see. I believe we are all our best selves when we are truly happy doing what we love.

– How many shows do you do in a year and any big shows this summer for you? I’m in the process of working on upcoming shows. Stay tuned!

– What would we find interesting in your music collection? You would find that I listen to all types of music. I can go from Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz to Funk.

– For aspiring artists what would you recommend doing to make life a little easier in the world of music? Remain true to who you are as an artist and person. Don’t give up, network with others and do things that make you happy and fulfilled.