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Laura Cox

Laura Cox Interview. With more than 30 millions views on her YouTube channel, Laura Cox has gained a strong exposure on the Internet. Her genres of music are Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock and Country Rock. Interview September 6, 2015.

Laura Cox Interview

– What’s new in the world of Laura Cox?
My Bacchus Duke signature model! I’m really proud of this guitar, it feels and sounds great. It represents everything I’ve ever loved about guitars… I’m not very fond of sophisticated guitars, I like to keep it simple: A classic look with a black satin finish, great pickups, it can’t get any better than that! Besides that, I’m going to record an EP with my band soon, and we can’t wait for all of you to hear it. Some Classic Hard Rock n’ Roll, with killer riffs and solos.

– must be a awesome feeling when your videos do so well? How long is the process to get the videos up on YouTube?
I feel really lucky about that! I’m still surprised that so many people watch and like my videos! When I started doing this, 7 years ago, I didn’t realize it was going to become so big! At that time, there wasn’t a lot of girls who were making electric guitar cover, and I guess that’s why people got interested. If I’m not mistaken, I was one of the very first female guitarists on YouTube! I really should upload more videos… Between my job, my band, and Guitar Part (the French guitar magazine I work for), I don’t have much time left for my videos. From now on, I’m gonna try to make new videos each month. That’s really something I want to work on and improve.

– How much practice do you put in on the guitar to keep up to date with your techniques?
It really depends… I don’t have any specific method, I just play whenever I want to. I think this is the key… I never force myself to pick up the guitar. It’s always a pleasure to play. Sometimes it can be 30 minutes a day, but sometimes I can play 7 hours a day. I can spend a whole day playing the same lick over and over again: when I have something in mind, I don’t let go until I get it right. The most important thing is to stay inspired, and never lose this passion. In my case, I like to discover new rock bands, different ways of playing, new challenges, and it keeps motivated.

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Laura Cox

– How important is it for a musician in this generation to spend time on social media?
Social networks bring some kind of simple and free media coverage, and it’s the easiest way to communicate for bands who don’t have the chance to be on the radio or in the magazines. I didn’t really like the idea of sharing everything on Facebook, Twitter, etc… But I finally realized I didn’t have much choice! It creates a special link between the artist and the fan; something that didn’t exist before, and it gives us the impression that we’re a part of the life of our idols. So, yes, it is very important if you want to keep your fans involved in your everyday life.
Now the next step for me is to buy a smartphone and start using Twitter and Instagram! I’ve only been using YouTube and Facebook so far, because I don’t feel like I need more… But I guess I’ll have to be active on other social networks to reach more fans and create a larger connection with them.


– Could you describe some of your earliest influences in life and in music?
My earliest influences were the artists my dad used to listen when I was a child, like Dire Straits or Johnny Cash, and I’m very thankful for that. Then I discovered the Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, AC/DC, etc. Obviously I’ve been listening to other bands as I grew up and my influences got larger, (from Country to Metal, basically), but this is what led me here.

– What would we be surprised to find in your music collection at home?
I only have Country, Rock, Blues, or Hard Rock CDs, so you won’t find anything I’m really ashamed of!
I guess the only exception would be Jamiroquai… I used to listen to their music a few years ago, and that’s why I decided to buy a bass. Even after all this time, I still can’t play their songs! In the end, I totally gave up, I realized I’d rather focus on the guitar!

– Do you have any tours coming up in the near future?
Unfortunately no, mostly because we live in France and Rock N’ Roll isn’t very popular here. We are still a young band and we don’t have a lot of opportunities here, but I hope we will manage to tour in nearby countries soon because I know some fans are expecting us there!

– Do you see a biography being written someday about the experiences you acquired or will acquire in your life?
Right now, this idea doesn’t seem very realistic to me, but why not! If I ever have the chance to have a biography published, it would truly be an honor for me. If my life can inspire other girls to pick up electric guitars and keep playing Rock n’ Roll, I would be glad to contribute in my way.

– What’s your take on the sex appeal in the music industry today? Is it as important for men and women?
I don’t care about sex appeal, the only thing I care about is guitar! Nowadays, sex is everywhere and we can’t avoid it. I think the fact that I’m a girl certainly helped me to get some views on YouTube, good for me then! It doesn’t change the fact that I have to work a lot to get better and better though… Anyway, in my opinion, sex appeal shouldn’t matter for men and women, but it appears that women have more things to prove. They have to stand out from the others, and work twice as much.

– Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?
I’m sure Rock n’ Roll will still be alive! We have the chance to have new bands like Halestorm, and new guitar heroes like Joe Bonamassa, and that reassures me. They encourage us to keep believing in good music, and open a new path for the next generation…. And I want to be a part of this generation!

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