John DeServio, bassist for Heavy Metal band Black Label Society.John DeServio Hartke promo photo

In this interview…

  • John DeServio talks about Black Label Society’s latest release The Song Remains Not the Same.
  • JD talks about the current Black Label Society tours.
  • John talks about a possible new acoustic Black Label Society album coming out in 2012.
  • We talk about John playing with Vinnie Moore.
  • We discuss the unreleased Randy Rhoads & Ozzy Osbourne video footage that was just released with Ozzy Osbourne’s 30th anniversary of Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman.
  • He talks about his other band Cycle Of Pain.
  • We discuss the new Cycle Of Pain album.
  • JD says how much he enjoyed playing Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2010.


John DeServio Interview | Black Label Society on Canadian Tour | October 2012

Black Label Society Interview | John DeServio & Will Hunt | October 2010

Black Label Society Interview | John DeServio | October 2008




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