Charlie Daniels and Jason Saulnier 2014

Charlie Daniels in Halifax with Jason Saulnier

Charlie Daniels Interview – In this interview we discuss the Devil Went Down to Georgia song from guitar hero, Doin’ It Dylan album and lots more.

In this interview…

  • Charlie Daniels touring until December and doing over 100 dates a year.
  • How touring has changed throughout the years.
  • We talk about the latest album Off the Grid: Doin’ It Dylan.
  • 35 years with the Devil Went Down to Georgia.
  • We talk about the Devil went down to Georgia in the Guitar Hero game.
  • Different versions of the song Devil went down to Georgia .
  • We talk about the great song In America and its story.
  • Charlie Daniels giving praise to Canada as his friends.
  • We talk about the first time Charlie did come to the Maritime’s and toured the country.

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Charlie Daniels Interview: Off the Grid: Doin It Dylan