Grave Interview – Ronnie Bergerstahl

Ronnie Bergerståhl, Drummer for Death Metal band Grave. Interview July 27, 2012Grave band

Grave Interview

1. Could you tell me about the recording process for the latest Grave album Endless Procession of Souls?

We started to write the songs in mid November 2011 and we had already set the date when we were gonna begin with the recording. This is the first album since I joined that we actually wrote as a band in our rehearsal place, so the feeling was a lot different when the recording actually started. We always begin with the drums and it took 5 days I think to get all the tracks done, including the bonus tracks. Tobias did his bass recording in 3 days or so… After that we had to move out from where we rehearsed and recorded the drums and bass but Ola put down his guitars at home plus built our new studio in a period of 4 months. So this recording process took much longer then the last 2 but I think the final result came out absolutely fuckin’ amazing!!!

2. How is it recording drum tracks in 2012 with the latest technology?

It’s much easier and it takes away shitloads of pressure from us drummers… Nowadays WE actually have the same advantage that guitarists, bassists, vocalists and any other musician have had for years and years. We can actually stop, listen to what we played and then continue from there. I know that a lot of musicians see that as cheating, but hey…Why should only the drummers be forced to play perfect from start to finish!!?

3. Does the band Grave mostly play the same equipment on stage as is in the studio?

We try to. I mean, I can’t really take my own drums with me wherever we go, that’s impossible but as I’m not endorsed by any drum company I don’t really care. I do have a deal with Paiste Cymbals now so from now on I have to take my own cymbals with me, which is actually good ’cause then I know I get to play with great stuff every show! The same goes for Ola and Mika. They have some endorsement with different amps and stuff and I know they try their best every time to get the promoters to get the right gear for them…

4. Would you say social media has changed the music industry for the good or the bad?

Mostly for the good, as it is so much easier these days to get to know about new bands or tours or single shows. It would be stupid for the music industry to not take it serious and go with the flow when it comes to promoting through different kinds social media!Grave Endless procession of souls

5. In regards to the September tour with Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral, what songs will be most likely delivered?

That’s something we haven’t really discussed yet but lots of new songs from “EPOS”, everything else would be stupid as we did the “Into the Grave” in its entirety the last tour we did. Plus I think we’re gonna rehearse some more old stuff that we haven’t played for years, or ever before…We’ll see. But lots of new songs, that’s for sure!

6. What’s your vision about the internet as a way to release music online nowadays?

I think it’s as good as it’s gonna get actually, I don’t know in what other form it could be done to be honest. Of course I wish that the royalties would be better from, for example, Spotify, iTunes, and such… but this is how it is right now and I support it!

7. With all of the bands coming out today, do you keep yourself updated with what comes out online at all?

Well, I’m not that kind of buyer who gets my music online.. I like to have the “real deal” but I know that many people want to get their stuff online. I do use Spotify and that’s a great way to get to know about new bands and new releases IF the labels support it…

8. What could we find interesting in your music collection at home?

Lots of power metal actually, hahaha…Don’t know if it’s that interesting though but maybe a bit surprising due to which band I play with. I barely listen to death metal at home. I rather listen to plain metal, power metal or black metal if it comes to only the metal genres. Other than that, I listen to a lot of country, from Jerry Reed to Little Big Town. The Monkees are awesome!

9. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life?

As I can’t really live by only playing music, I have to work and I work as a mover. I move people’s furniture and stuff like that. I get up around (latest) 6:00 in the morning, take a shower if I have time…Either I get picked up by a co-worker or I take the subway to wherever I’m gonna work that day. The work is usually finished by 3:30-4:00 AM so it’s not too bad. I tried to make a proper living out of the music but that’s impossible. You basically have to tour and play shows all the time if that’s gonna work out…At least on our level!

10. How is the music scene in your area today?

Not too shabby actually, at least when it comes to new bands. The main problem in Sweden is that there are very few clubs to play in… Most of the pubs or clubs, the cover bands rule and I HATE that ’cause in my world it’s wrong! They make a living or make quite good money by playing other bands’ or artists’ music…NOT cool in my book! Show some fuckin’ balls and at least try to write some of your own stuff…

11. Any words for future musicians?

Write your own music from the start as a band!!!

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