Yes bassist Chris Squire

Chris Squire

Chris Squire, English bassist for Platinum selling Progressive Rock group Yes.

  • Chris Squire talks about the good life with Yes and the album Fly from Here.
  • We talk about the 2013 Yes tour in March and April.
  • Very interesting ideas of playing on a cruise ship.
  • Playing the songs from the classic catalogs.
  • How was the Fly from Here album done in the studio point of view.
  • Working with Trevor Horn again for the 2011 release.
  • Trevor was the lead vocalist for the Drama album back in 1980.
  • Through the years has much things changed in the bass gear for Yes.
  • How to approach the more complex Yes songs.
  • Selling over 50 million albums world wide should be a big accomplishment.
  • How has the touring world changed and upgraded.
  • Where is the future of Yes for the next generation.
  • There could very well be a Yes band in 100 years from now with the continuation.

Chris Squire bassist for progressive rock group Yes dies