Bob Kulick, American guitarist and Grammy Award-winning record producer. Worked with Kiss, W.A.S.P., Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Lou Reed, Doro Pesch, Alice Cooper.Bob Kulick esp guitar

In this interview…

  • Playing Rockoctoberfest fest along with Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer and Gene Simmons.
  • Talks about playing with Paul Stanley back in his solo album days of KISS.
  • How often does Bob and Bruce Kulick play together on stage?
  • Producing bands in Los Angeles.
  • Metal Michael Jackson tribute album. Featuring legendary musicians.
  • What type of amplifiers is being used now in the studio Wizard Amps.
  • The guitar approach on Kiss Killers and Alive II for the unique solo styles.
  • Dick Wagner from Alice Cooper being one of his main influences in developing his style.
  • Playing with Alice Cooper in the 1970’s.
  • KISS Forever: Kiss Instructional DVD for guitarist.



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